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Hailed as the King of all Sutras, the Lotus Sutra and its Opening and Closing Sutras are the most outstanding teachings expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha. This teaching encapsulates the heart and soul of the Buddha, for it reveals the Law of Lotus that enables all people to attain Buddhahood. In essence, the Lotus Sutra is a supreme teaching of Life. Original, distinctive and innovative, this is an extraordinary translation born out of true love and gratitude in the Buddha's teaching. Here are the value-added features in terms of structure and style that make reading the Lotus Sutra a wonderfully enlightening experience: 1. Notation System The notation system is a structure that empowers the readers in the assimilation of the essence of the Lotus Sutra. It is an excellent tool that facilitates meaningful flow of ideas in the Buddha's teaching. In addition to the notation system, an overview summary on the categorization of key teachings has been included in each chapter as well. 2. Literary Devices Poetry is an artistic expression of thoughts and emotions. Literary devices such as alliteration, assonance and rhyme system are weaved into the fabric of the translation, thus bringing forth the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha's spirit elegantly. With a touch of poetic beauty in the Buddha's words, the Lotus Sutra becomes a melodious voice resonating delightfully with the hearts of all readers.