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The text Foremost Instructions called "A Garland of Views" by Padmasambhava is regarded as one of the very important texts of the Nyingma tradition. It is an explanation of the thirteenth chapter of the root tantra of Mahayoga, the Guhyagarbha Tantra, the chapter on how the view of Dzogchen applies to the deity practices of Mahayoga. Padmasambhava's teaching is short, so further explanation is needed. For this we have provided a partial translation of the thirteenth chapter with explanations, Mipham's commentary which is the one most commonly used these days to explain Padmasambhava's teaching, and a translation of the relevant section of Longchen Rabjam's major commentary to the tantra Dispelling the Darkness of the Ten Directions. A very long introduction filled with explanations to make all of those items clearer has been provided. It is very important to understand that the teachings on Dzogchen in this book are not limited to instructions on the development stage of Mahayoga. They provide a complete explanation of what Dzogchen is at all levels and are regarded in the Nyingma tradition as required reading for all Dzogchen practitioners. Through this book you will gain an excellent grounding in what Dzogchen is and how it fits into the teachings of the nine vehicles. This book is truly an amazing collection of material that is regarded as crucial for Nyingma practitioners, but has not been available till now in English with all the commentaries needed to unravel the meaning of Padmasambhava's text. The Western Lama Richard Roth, who has been well-trained in the Dzogchen system, has said what an important and well-presented book this is.