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May All Beings Be Well and Happy!
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As we know all too well, anger causes unhappiness to ourselves and to others. If we could only live with less anger and more love, we feel, we would be able to spread much cheer and happiness, and to experience greater happiness within. This book, based on principles of Buddhist mental training, is intended to show that it lies within our own power to curb anger and to spread love. In simple and clear language the author explains how, by methodical mental training, we can evict the demon of anger from our minds and hearts, and become a loving friend, a source of joy and comfort, to all those who come within the circle of our life. These instructions wil be found valid and effective by anyone of any religion, or of no religion at all, for they require nothing more than a willingness to gain greater mastery over one's own mind. In an easy, conversational style, the author discusses sixteen ways to control and overcome anger, and offers instructions on how to practice the meditation on universal love. Illustrated with attractive line drawings, this volume is suitable for readers young and old. (Recommended for age 12 and older)