Evergreen Buddhist Culture

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Paperback. Pub Date :2012-02-01 Language: Chinese Publisher: Qinghai People's Publishing House Basic Information Series Title : Title : Tibetan Buddhist deities map: Custodian of God Author : Kumiko but Ji Duojie book Publisher: Qinghai People's Publishing House ISBN: 9787225040226 Pages: Edition : Binding: Paperback : Publication Date :2012 -02-01 Language : Paper : Price: 38.00 yuan foreign Title : Product ID: 360_10933380 Description nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; need to explain yes. the Buddha of Tibetan Buddhism . Buddha . god has a multi -faceted . broadness and multiplicity . Sometimes a non-specific loyal. a Buddha can vary for a variety of image ; a Bodhisattva reflects both the characteristics of the Buddha . but also a symbol of personalities ; a deity is also unpredictable . If there are other Bodhisattvas Vajrapani four kings . ten law of God . the world Iori . eight ...